Child-Free Community

“A 2021 MSU study shows one in four Michigan adults does not want kids.”  So don’t be shy to stand up for what is right for you!

The Not Mom

“More women are saying no to motherhood than ever before.”  “The Not Mom” is a supportive community for women without children by chance or by choice.  Although without children, these women of all ages lead happy and fulfilling lives focusing on their careers, traveling, volunteering, and spending time with their significant others, their pets, and their extended families.

Being childless does not make a woman any less of a woman.  In many ways, it allows a women to take more chances in life, live her dreams, and explore life to the fullest.  For example, stepping away from a lengthy corporate career to purse a dream as a freelance writer or taking a year off to travel the continental USA in an RV with your significant other.  “The Not Mom” helps break down the stereotype that childless women are “selfish, [old] cat ladies”.  They are not.  “The Not Mom” community proves that these women are happy, healthy, and enjoying life.  After all, what do Sex and the City‘s Carrie Bradshaw, media personality and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey, DC Comic’s Wonder Woman, and former British Prime Minister Teresa May have in common?  They are all Not Moms!


Become a DINK! 

A DINK is one half of a couple that has Dual Income, No Kids.  DINKs are currently on the rise and they are living life to the fullest!  Men and women who are DINKs say they are loving every minute of their life and they have no regrets not having their own kids.  Many of them never wanted to have kids to begin with and they say that they wish that it had been more accepted to not have or want kids when they are kids or young adults.  DINKs say they use their extra income to travel frequently, devote lots of time and energy to their work and hobbies that they want to purse, and they give lots of love and care to their furry babies, nieces and newphews, and friends’ children.  So don’t worry if you don’t want kids in your future.  You are not alone!  As DINK Daniela Casellas, a microbiologist and online fitness coach, says “I’m 33 now, childfree, and living my best life.”

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