Birth Control Apps

Once you have decided on a form of birth control, a birth control app can help you stay on track! Depending on the app and the form of birth control that you are using, these apps can send you daily reminders, refill notifications, record your symptoms, and more. However, it is important to keep in mind that a birth control app is not a substitute for a medical advisor or an appointment with a medical professional.

Below are 3 birth control apps that are helpful, user-friendly, and easily accessible:

  1. Bedsider Reminders
    • Customizes settings depending on the method of birth control that you use (pill, patch, NuvaRing, or Depo-Provera shot).
    • Sends birth control reminders via email or text
    • Sends reminders about doctor appointments and prescription refills
    • Uses an online locator to find emergency contraception or a family planning clinic near you
    • Uses encouraging messages!
    • Free on Google Play or the App Store!
  2. myPill
    • Designed specifically for users of the pill
    • Sends a daily customizable reminder message via text or email
    • Sends automated prescription refill and doctor appointment reminders
    • Contains a history function to help you record prescriptions
    • Contains a prediction function to help you plan holidays and travel in any time zone without the fear of missing doses.
    • Free on Google Play or the App Store!
  3. myPatch
    • Designed specifically for users of the patch
    • Makes it easy to change the start date of your patch
    • Tells the user when to attach, switch or remove your patch
    • Provides different choices of reminder messages
    • Contains a six month history of past and current patch usage
    • Free on the App Store! A premium edition called «myPatch Pro» is available for $1.99 per month.

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