Why get an IUD

1. “Just one act“: It takes a doctor’s visit to have an IUD implanted, but then your birth control is likely set for years.

2. Effective: Once that “one act” is done, the device is close to 100% effective.


3. New coverage rules: Under new federal rules, insurance companies must cover FDA-approved contraception, which includes the IUD, with no co-pays or additional fees.

4. Periods diminish or disappear with the Mirena — considered a plus by many women.

5. The Paragard offers effective long-term birth control without hormones.

6. Though IUDs work long-term, their birth control effect is reversible: once they’re out, it ends.

7. They’re private: As this fact sheet points out, an IUD cannot be seen or felt.

8. Recent research suggests IUDs are safe enough to be implanted at what we’d call a “never again” moment, right after a birth or an abortion.

9. Other countries have much higher rates than America does, with good success, while we have a shocking accidental pregnancy rate of over 50%.
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Fact Sheet about Unintended Pregnancy in the United States.

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