WiseKid App free transportation for birth control

Introduction and Problem Identification:
My name is Gabriella Morrissey and I am one of the founders of LARC Assistance Foundation. I have been assisting women and teenagers who need IUDs through our website freeiud.org for about 5 years now. After speaking with many through freeiud.org, I realized that there was a huge need for an app that would connect volunteers and women, especially teenagers, who need free transportation. Teenagers under 16 do not have a driver’s license and many teenagers do not even have enough money to take public transportation, Lyft or Uber. In addition, many young women do not have vehicles and public transportation is not always available to every women.

Solution – WiseKid App:
While there are many options available to women for free or low-cost birth control, there are currently very limited solutions or resources that provide free transportation to women seeking birth control. Creating this app will help solve that problem and will give women access to transportation that is safe and free. WiseKid will be the name of the app. WiseKid will be an app that provides transportation for women to healthcare clinics that offer free or low-cost birth control.

WiseKid App Development:
The next step in this process was to contact an app developer to determine “proof of concept” and develop a clickable prototype. The app developer we contacted is Rajdeep Junnarkar who resides in Washington DC, and works with a team in India. Rajdeep Junnarkar is a seasoned Mobile Product Manager who has led mobile centric programs at several large companies including CapitalOne, Sprint, Time Warner Cable and AOL. This prototype would focus on the main user experiences for the patient and the driver. This prototype will take four weeks to develop and cost a total of $10,000. Each week will be a stage in creating the prototype. We hope to produce a small 2 to 3 minute YouTube video for each stage of the prototype so all of our donors will be able to see the process of creating the prototype for the app.

WiseKid App Promotion:
Once the prototype is developed, we will pitch the prototype to as many nonprofit organizations as possible who already assisting with birth control in addition to Title X Clinics. Many nonprofit organizations, such as Planned Parenthood and Bedsider (both of which are based in Washington, DC), are looking for more transportation solutions. Free transportation provided by entities, such as Medicaid, Circulation, etc, is often very limited and not available to all those who need transportation. In short, the more transportation solutions available, the better.

WiseKid App at Work:
The WiseKid app will have 3 interfaces: one for the patient, one for the clinic, and one for the driver. Each participating clinic will have it’s own unique identifier within the clinic interface. When a patient schedules an appointment with a participating clinic, the clinic will ask if the patient needs transportation. If the patient needs transportation, then the clinic will open the WiseKid app and select “generate code”. Clinics will only enter the date and time of the appointment. Once the clinic generates the code, which will contain the clinic address, date and time, then the code will be given to the patient. If the patient decides to use the code and look for a ride, then the patient will open the WiseKid app
and select “look for ride”. The WiseKid app only asks for the “code” and “pick up address”. Then, the app will send a message to all the drivers who qualify for that ride.

Drivers will apply to be a volunteer by opening the app and selecting “become a volunteer”. Then, the app directs the driver to fill out an application. The application will ask for “his or her address”, “round trip mileage limit”, “days available”, “times available” the driver wants to volunteer for, driver license number, social security number, birth date and other necessary information. All volunteers will be subjected to a criminal background check. Every time a patient looks for a ride, the WiseKid app will match all of the drivers in the area by calculating round trip mileage. Once the driver accepts the ride, a mapped route to the patient’s location will be provided. After the patient is picked up, the driver will be provided with a mapped route from the patient’s location to the clinic.

Financing Clickable Prototype for WiseKid App:
The payment plan due to the app developer will be $2,500 per weekly stage and development will progress as follows:
Week 1 – Finalization and sign off from Client of wireframes.
Week 2 – Clinic location browsing and appointment scheduling designs.
Week 3 – Patient user journey designs.
Week 4 – Driver user journey and in app reminders/alerts designs.

LARC Assistance Foundation Inc is currently applying for it’s 501(c)(3) status.  In the meantime, Rosenfeld Org Inc, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is fiscally sponsoring LARC Assistance Foundation.  All monies donated will be deposited into a business bank account at Howard Bank specifically for our non-profit organization, Rosenfeld Org Inc.

Donors Needed:
We need your help to make this app possible! As soon as the prototype is complete, we will share the prototype with all of our donors. The website for this app will be www.wisekid.com. If any donors have any questions or concerns, please email me. Thank you for your time! We really appreciate your assistance in helping women and teens obtain the birth control they desire!


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